RYGCBM -- Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, and Magenta

I hope one day we will see monitors/TVs/projectors/etc that display color thru six hue elements rather than just the traditional three. Maybe even a seventh for pure, colorless white. IMO Red, Green, and Blue alone may get us to a point where things are "good enough" for most people, but because not all humans see with the same exact trichromacy I believe we need more colors in our palette if we really want to cover the full gamut of human vision, not just the average. As a partially color-blind person I believe I have a harder time with many colors when on a display as opposed to real life. Also it is well known that RGB displays have trouble representing their secondary colors of Yellow, Magenta, and especially Cyan. With six, if not seven colors as our base we know they at least will be accurately represented, and the new set of secondary colors between them, like orange for example, can finally be displayed with a clarity not possible on modern equipment.

Sharp experimented with a 4 color TV in their Quattron series, but this disproportionately gave too much power to yellow, and was unpleasant to some. On the capture side, Google has made a few Nexus phones that have a fourth white receptor for truer greyscales and gamma representation. As HDR-10 & 12 bit color along with the movie industry's new ACES color space expand the colors we can digitally represent, I don't know if simple RGB will be enough. Hopefully another company will come along brave enough to experiment against the norm.

Please feel free to use this idea.

PS: [ Here's an additional concept of mine for making a 3D RYGCBMW display ]